GPS Vehicle Tracker Accessories

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RFID driver identification

A high-performance contactless card reader module for dedicated smart card systems. It uses 13.56MHz, Philips highly integrated read/write card chip, and supports 3.56MHz high-frequency Mifare One and compatible cards. With RFID, driver identity can be verified and unauthorized driving can be prevented.

Ultrasonic fuel sensor

A perfect solution for monitoring the fuel level and fuel consumption of commercial vehicles, etc. The sensor can detect and report fuel theft in real-time by sending an alert.
• Perfect design to detect fuel tank without drilling holes.
• Accurate measurement of fuel level, same as capacitive fuel level sensor.
• Stable performance even in extreme temperature conditions with automatic temperature compensation capability in range from -30℃ to 75℃
• Easy installation.
• IP67 protection.
Dimension: Probe diameter ø33mm, height 12.7mm

Digital temperature sensor

The temperature sensor is a device that can measure the temperature and convert it into a digital signal:
• It works with a DC voltage of 3 to 5.5V.
• Temperature range from -55°C to +125°C.
• High temperature accuracy of + 0.06°C, which ensures reliable and precise readings.
• High pressure resistance, with no breakdown when tested with 1500V AC, 5s, 0.5mA.
• Waterproof level of IP68.